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Dr. Melody Bray-Ross

Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Bray-Ross believes it’s important to treat every single person with respect. A teacher at heart, she listens to her patients and makes sure they understand their conditions and treatments. An American Family Medicine board-certified physician, Dr. Bray-Ross completed her residency with Florida Hospital Family Medicine and has been practicing exceptional care since.

“Patients have to be able to trust their doctor or provider with their most private information and trust the information they are being given. If patients do not trust their doctor, they are less likely to be honest about things that are going on with them, and less likely to follow recommendations and treatment plans. Patients have to feel that their doctor has their best interest in mind.”

Joined Ascend 2020

16 Years Experience

Behind the Scrubs

  • All about Self-Care
  • Loves the Beach
  • Dance Ministry
  • Would Love to be an Event Planner
  • Morehouse School of Medicine

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