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Clement Ncho, PA-C

Certified Physician Assistant

Clement believes trust is necessary in any good provider-patient relationship. He has over 10 years practicing as a Physician Assistant in Family Medicine and Urgent Care. He has also served as a Physician Assistant in the US Army Reserves (USAR) and worked as a contractor for the United States Customs & Border Control.

“I learned early in my practice that positive health outcomes and patient satisfaction are achieved faster when a patient is engaged in every step of their care. I communicate this goal in a friendly and warm manner, stating clearly from the onset that my goal is to have the patient involved in disease treatment, as well as general wellness and prevention.”

Joined Ascend 2020

11 Years Experience

Behind the Scrubs

  • Likes to Hike
  • Loves to Spend Time with Wife & Kids
  • Watches historical & archaeological documentaries
  • Love to Travel
  • St. Francis University

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