Lionsgate On-Site COVID Vaccination Friday, June 18th
Registration Instructions


11642 Georgia Hwy 142, Covington GA 30014
*City may be Oxford when put in GPS*


Friday, June 18th 11am-1pm: 1st dose of Moderna Vaccine
Tuesday, July 27th 11am-1pm: Ascend will schedule those who received 1st dose of Moderna Vaccine for their 2nd dose.


Register online for your appointment by using the following instructions.

Register Online Now For Your Testing:

  1. Click on the Register Now button below
  2. Complete all prompts. When prompted with “Why do you need to be seen?” please select: _LIONSGATE VACCINES
  3. Although it autofills the location as ‘Ascend Medical’, leave as it. Your vaccination will be in Covington.
  4. Select a convenient time.
  5. You will receive two emails –
    • 1st, confirming vaccination visit
    • 2nd, to log in to the patient portal and complete form and sign consent
  6. Report for your first COVID vaccine on June 18th.

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