For Employers

Ascend Medical helps reduce healthcare costs while providing convenient, on-demand healthcare your employees will love.

Our 7am-7pm virtual care and 24/7 on-call patient care for members will help your employees feel better faster and will help you save on medical expenses without ever compromising quality or access.

Our primary healthcare services provide all the benefits of traditional primary care without any of the hassle. Our team of board certified physicians and clinical professionals is available around the clock to evaluate symptoms, answer questions, prescribe medications, and run necessary tests and imaging.

With Ascend Medical, your employees will be able to see a doctor online, in-person, or at their home or office exactly when they need care. Our patient-first approach will help your employees priori-tize their health and reach their personal wellness goals all on their own schedule—leading to a happy, healthy work environment.

Benefits of Ascend Medical For Employers

Get in touch and we’ll help create the right plan for your business.

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COVID-19 Testing For Employers

Return to work safely with COVID-19 results in 15 minutes.

Ascend Medical offers rapid, innovative COVID-19 testing solutions to assist Atlanta’s local busi-nesses in returning to work. We offer convenient on-site and mobile testing options to help you and your employees feel confident and comfortable on the job.

Our team of licensed medical professionals is available and on-call to administer safe, accurate COVID-19 tests in our mobile diagnostics unit — reducing your corporate healthcare expenses while providing convenient resources for your employees to prioritize their health.

We Come To You

No waiting time. No waiting rooms.

We can come to your home, office, or wherever else you need care to administer your 15-minute COVID-19 test. Our COVID-19 rapid molecular diagnostic test has a 96% accuracy rate and is covered by most insurance plans (co-pay still required). We offer real-time, rapid response testing because we find it to be the most effective in slowing the spread of the virus. Our mobile testing units are clean, comfortable, and secure — your health and your privacy are our top priorities.

When your employees are in control and aware of their health status they can make informed decisions. Rapid tests provide quick, confirmed results to help you identify who is safe to work and who needs to quarantine or seek medical assistance. If anyone in your workforce tests posi-tive, we have medical professionals available to help monitor their care virtually.

Healthcare that cares more about you

Get in touch and we’ll help create the right plan for your business.

We recognize that every business is different and that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to workplace safety. If you partner with Ascend, we’ll work directly with you to design an end-to-end COVID testing strategy that works best for you and your employees. Accept major insurance plans. Cash pay plans available.

Goals for returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic are

  1. keep workforce safe and healthy.
  2. Maintain productivity and efficiency.
  3. Support local communities.
  4. Reduce the risk for spread.
“Our employees are our number one asset. All the things that we have in Atlanta are a far distant second to the importance of our employees. And with our partnership with Ascend Medical we are able to keep our employees and their dependents healthy during this nationwide pandemic.”
Rebecca M.