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CUL-MAC INDUSTRIES– On-Site COVID-19 AND/OR FLU Vaccination Clinic Signup

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On-Site COVID-19 and/or Flu Vaccines – Pfizer 

Friday November 19th



Cul-Mac Industries

3720, Venoy Rd, Wayne,48184


You must signup and complete your registration prior to vaccination date.

Register online now for your appointment by using the following instructions.

Register Online Now For Your Vaccination

  1. Click on the Register Now button.
  2. Complete all prompts. When prompted with “Why do you need to be seen?” please select:_CUL-MAC _Covid/Flu Vaccines
  3. Although it auto-fills the location as ‘Ascend Medical’, leave as is. Your testing will be on-site
  4. Select ‘Barlatt, Sabine ‘ as your Provider
  5. Select a convenient time that works for your vaccination and finish registration
  6. You will receive two emails –
  • 1st, confirming visit
  • 2nd, to log in to the patient portal, to complete forms and sign consent


Participants have 3 billing options: 

  • Bill to individual insurance plan. Covered at 100%
  • If uninsured, bill to CARE’s Act. You must provide your social security number in order to do so. Covered at 100%
  • For self-pay and out-of-network insurance, Ascend Medical is offering vaccines for a $40 administration fee
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