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Ascend Medical is proud to be a preferred COVID-19 vaccination partner of the state of Georgia. We will align with the official Georgia Department of Public Health on vaccine rollout procedures. Wondering if the vaccine is right for you? Click here to read a letter from our Chief Medical Officer.

The COVID-19 vaccination is already being administered throughout the state of Georgia. Although it is becoming more available, distribution is still of limited supply. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determines the priority rankings for the vaccine and works closely with the State of Georgia. Ascend Medical, and other entities, must follow the government’s guidelines. Our vaccines are on the way, if you are interested in getting COVID vaccination fill out the form below and we will notify you when it is available:

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COVID Vaccine

More Information on the COVID-19 Vaccination

The CDC has provided recommendations to the federal, state, and local government levels on who should be vaccinated first. The recommendations are based on these goals: decrease death and serious disease, preserve a functioning society, reduce the burden of COVID-19 on people facing disparities. The CDC has put together a set of phases made up of four groups to administer the vaccine.

Phase 1A, which has already been initiated in Georgia, includes all healthcare workers including nurses, physicians, EMS, laboratory technicians, and those in environmental services. Additionally, this group also consists of long-term care facilities staff and residents, adults 65+ and their caregivers, as well as law enforcement, fire personnel, dispatchers, and 9-1-1 operators. Phase 1B will focus on essential workers in non-healthcare related fields to ensure continuity of care that is critical to public health, safety, economic, and national security. Group 1C includes persons aged 16-64 with medical conditions that put them at risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms.

The fourth group to be immunized will be adults in the general population as the supply increases. The vaccine will likely be administered to this group as early as April, although many may have to wait until the summer months. Teens aged 16-17 who fall into one of the higher risk groups also qualify to receive the vaccine. Once there are large enough quantities available, everyone will have access to the COVID-19 vaccination. 

We will update this group information as vaccine supply increases in the coming months.