Chen-Han Wedding
Covid Testing Instructions


Sweet Meadow Farms
1115 Beech Creek Road, Tallapoosa GA


Friday, May 28th 4:30-5:30pm OR
Saturday, May 29th 3:00-4:00pm


You must schedule and complete your virtual pre-visit with Ascend Medical. Once you have completed this 5-10 minute visit, you will be ready for your on-site COVID test. Register online for your appointment by using the following instructions.

Register Online Now For Your Testing:

  1. Click on the Register Now button below
  2. Complete all prompts. When prompted with “Why do you need to be seen?” please select: _CHEN/HAN WEDDING VIRTUAL VISIT
  3. Select a convenient time for your quick, but required, virtual pre-visit
  4. You will receive two emails –
    • 1st, confirming virtual visit
    • 2nd, to login to the patient portal and complete your forms
  5. Complete your virtual visit and report for testing on May 28th or May 29th

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