Our Story

Just healthcare that cares more about you.

At Ascend Medical, we’re committed to building stronger, healthier communities. We’re re-imagining the traditional healthcare model by delivering world-class, patient-first primary care services — safely, conveniently, and compassionately.

Ascend Medical offers same-day appointments, 7am-7pm telehealth visits, 24/7 on-call care for our members, and mobile diagnostic services and testing sites to address all of your healthcare needs anytime, anywhere. Our flexible appointment options make it easy to prioritize your health goals and get the medical care you and your family need.

Led by a team of healthcare executives, clinical leaders, and board-certified physicians, we’re offering the best of both worlds – world-class expertise and easy, convenient access. At Ascend Medical, we blend telemedicine technology with thoughtful, personalized care to provide a holistic health destination that fits your budget and your schedule.

No waiting rooms. No scheduling conflicts. No hidden fees.

New Era of Healthcare

The future of healthcare is in your hands.

At Ascend Medical, our team of healthcare providers is on call to deliver the best-possible care anytime and anywhere. Our providers offer 24/7 remote, telehealth visits to address all of your primary care needs, according to your schedule. With Ascend Medical, you can make same-day appointments, skip the waiting room, and connect with a doctor whenever you like. And the result is smarter, personalized, patient-first care that prioritizes your goals.

Mobile care that comes to you.

We’re revolutionizing primary care by bringing healthcare directly to our patients. Book an on-site appointment with our Ascend Medical Mobile Unit to receive convenient, on-demand diagnostics, imaging, and testing. Our mobile unit can come to your home, your workplace, or wherever is most convenient for you—saving time, money, and hassle. We currently offer COVID-19, Flu, and Strep rapid tests in addition to blood draws and imaging services for individuals, families, and employers.

Continue patient care at home.

Isn’t it time your healthcare worked better for you, too?

Conveniently access your health records and medical data from your phone, laptop, or tablet using our Ascend Medical patient portal. Easily view and share your records with your entire healthcare team to ensure seamless, informed care.

Let’s face it, going to a traditional doctor’s office can be a hassle. Between limited hours, long wait times, and rushed appointments, we understand the barriers and shortcomings of the traditional healthcare model. And we are changing all of that.

We’re prioritizing convenient care options designed for your on-the-go lifestyle because we know that’s what works.

Quality Care

We’re here to deliver the care you want, how you want it.

At Ascend Medical, we’re committed to quality care above all. It’s our mission to provide patient-first, accessible primary care anytime, anywhere.

When you use Ascend Medical, rest assured that we’re following the highest standards of care and providing a safe, secure environment for our patients, partners, and staff. Our environments both in-person and online are designed for comfort, safety, and family-friendly use.

We are committed to openness and transparency in all of our relationships, our methods of care, and in our successes. We remain committed to providing the latest medical information and providing world-class care options for our patients, their families, and our communities.

“My first visit at Ascend Medical, I got my laptop and connected 10 minutes early, thinking I needed to be there 10 minutes early, as you usually do at a doctor’s office, and that was not the case. I mean, they were ready for me as I connected online. There was no long wait time, it’s that efficient.”
Jonathan F.